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Industry leaders through keynote speeches, panel discussions and fire-side chats will provide the macro-economic, commodity and geo-political contexts that are an essential part of any investment decision as part of the two day content programme.

Presentations and content will be recorded for use on the Mining Journal and digital investor hubs, enabling delivery of the event experience to wider audiences using accessible media formats to ensure global reach.


Key Speakers


    • Gianni Kovacevic

      Gianni Kovacevic
      Chief Executive Officer


  • Hedley Widdup

    Hedley Widdup
    Fund Manager
    Lion Selection Group

  • Robert Schafer

    Robert Schafer
    Amur Minerals

  • Joe Bishop

    Joe Bishop
    Mining Private Equity Consultant
    Resource Capital Funds




Day 1 Programme - 16 May 2018



Chairman’s Welcome


Keynote Address – Macro Economics and Mining


Keynote Presentation – Geopolitics and Mining

Here we explore the current geopolitical setting and how this is impacting projects. What is ‘safe’? How are global developments impacting on the mining industry as a whole?


Investor Insight – How is the current market impacting investors decisions: Discovery time

Using this macro and geopolitical context in mind, we discover: what ‘quality’ looks like in a project? When is the best time to invest in new projects? How are companies funding projects in ways to keep equity investors happy? Who do investors like – project generators or project developers?


Fireside Chat: Discovery time

Global non-ferrous mineral exploration spending hit new heights in 2012, but fell into a steep decline thereafter. Longer-term, many minerals have not been the focus of sustained exploration spending, contributing to declining discovery rates and reduced vitality in the sector – which is a big driver of investment sentiment.

  • What does the outlook for mineral exploration spending currently look like, and what ramifications are there for commodity and equity markets?
  • What’s happening to discovery costs?
  • Are there reliable ways to predict future spending, and discovery levels?
  • What does a ‘sustainable’ rate of gold, copper, lithium and other commodity exploration expenditure look like?



Coffee Break


Covering more ground

We preface our commodity-focused company presentation sessions with an indepth, expert look at regional political and regulatory, infrastructure and service settings, and provide the latest critical insight into commodity markets.

This means each presenter can zero in on their projects and investment case, increasing the event focus on projects, strategies and management, and creating more value for the investor-led audience.

As the global leader in mining investment news and information, Aspermont, publisher of and Mining Journal, has unrivalled access to the latest regional and commodity insights with which to set the scene for these sessions.


Outlook for Gold

With many of the conditions that aided last year’s gold rally still in force, there is a belief that this gold bull market is sustainable. In this scene setting presentation, we analyse the trends, outlook and challenges for gold and gold equities in a fast-changing financial and investment space.


Presentation 1 – Southern Gold

Panel Talk
Securing the future: Vital trends in exploration and development
Investment levels, competitive trends, where is money being spent?

Robert Schafer, Chairman, Amur Minerals


Presentation 2 – Kin Mining NL


Presentation 3 – ALT Resources

The new normal – how royalties and innovative debt and equity financings are changing the investment landscape

Andrew Woodmore, Principal, Henslow


Presentation 4 – Metals X


Presentation 5 – Kingston Resources






Outlook for Copper

Rising prices made copper one of the best performing commodities of 2017 and many think the best is to come for the red metal in 2018 and beyond. We examine the reasons, and look at the districts most likely to produce new-generation copper mines and exiting exploration news.

Gianni Kovacevic, Chief Executive Officer, Copperbank


Presentation 6 – Polar X Limited

Greenfield versus brownfield
Where investors can find the most value


Presentation 7 – Valor Resources


Presentation 8 – Auris Minerals

Electric Vehicle and energy storage revolution set to drive copper to new highs?


ResourceStocks – Presentation 9


ResourceStocks – Presentation 10



Coffee Break



Outlook for Lithium

The outlook for lithium ion battery (LiB) demand, lithium prices, substitution prospects, and the potential for new supply to swamp the market – eventually – were among the mining investment talking points of 2017. The discussion is only getting louder. Here we analyse key market trends, current and future prices, and Australia’s expanding production sector, including what’s in the downstream processing pipeline.


ResourceStocks– Presentation 11

Why China is still the copper key?


ResourceStocks– Presentation 12


ResourceStocks– Presentation 13


ResourceStocks– Presentation 14

Mapping gold’s Hot Spots and Stocks: Australia’s best district plays


ResourceStocks– Presentation 15


Chairman’s Closing Remarks



Drinks Reception


Day 2 Programme - 17 May 2018



Chairman’s Welcome


Keynote Address – Gold, crypto-currencies and speculating on the future of money


Keynote Panel: The good, the bad and the ugly

Quality projects, and news flow, drive junior mining company stock values. But from an investor’s perspective, good management teams can make the biggest difference between owning a stake in a company trading at a premium to its peers, and one struggling for recognition. Strong management ensures companies survive the bad times, but also rise to the top in good times. What exactly constitutes sound management these days? Who are the names people look up to, and why?

In this Keynote Panel, we bring together some of the globe’s most successful mining investors to give some tips on what to look out for when assessing a mining company management team.

Joe Bishop, Mining Private Equity Associate, Resource Capital Funds
Liam Twigger, Managing Director, PCF Capital Group
William Witham, Chief Executive Officer, Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group
Hedley Widdup, Fund Manager, Lion Selection Group


Outlook for Cobalt

Cobalt broke free of the battery metals ‘pack’ in 2017 to forge its own identity as a commodity to watch in its own right. What’s changed for cobalt? Why should investors look for market leverage via so-called pure cobalt explorers and developers? What is the outlook for demand and pricing? And why will the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) figure in most future market scenarios as a complex picture continues to change?


Presentation 16 – Montezuma Mining

Investor outlook: Consolidation opportunities

Michel Mamet, Managing Director, Flagstaff Partners
Alberto Migliucci, CEO, Petra Commodities


ResourceStocks– Presentation 17



Coffee Break



ResourceStocks– Presentation 18

What is the outlook for M&A in the Australia/Asia mining space, and what key factors will drive activity in 2018-19?


ResourceStocks– Presentation 19


ResourceStocks– Presentation 20






Outlook for Silver

Can silver turn the tables on gold and be the standout precious metal in 2018? While bulls continue to put forward a strong case for silver’s long-term attractiveness, the metal’s downward drift at the back-end of 2017 only increased market focus on its undervalued state. Are conditions right for a sustained strong pricing run for silver? What are the key factors at play?


ResourceStocks– Presentation 21

Activist investors: Help or hindrance?


ResourceStocks– Presentation 22


ResourceStocks– Presentation 23

Panel discussion: Exploration funding dilemma
Which funding model are investors latching onto, and why


ResourceStocks– Presentation 24


ResourceStocks– Presentation 25



Coffee Break



Outlook for Zinc

Zinc markets have tightened and the outlook for one of the ‘fickle’ metals has strengthened. But as always with zinc, the question is, how long is it going to last? Here we closely examine the bull and bear(ish) cases, and look at why Australian investors have so far, by and large, failed to jump on the new zinc bandwagon. There are exceptions, as always, and to close we have an enthralling session on the projects and equities set to take investors on what could be one of the journeys of 2018-19.


Presentation 26 – Ironbark Zinc Limited

Tomorrow’s majors
What will they be producing, how much, and why?


Presentation 27 – White Rock Minerals


ResourceStocks– Presentation 28

The investment case for technology
Risky or rewarding? Technology could make a material difference to an explorer, or developer’s success, or help them fail faster.


ResourceStocks– Presentation 29


ResourceStocks– Presentation 30


Chairman’s Closing Remarks



Drinks Reception